Meet the team


Joseph Dunn, Skilled Multi Trade

Joe started working with us about 5 years ago as a subcontractor. He fit in so well, and worked to such a high standard across the board, that we invited him to stay with us full time. He is multi trade but especially enjoys and excels at carpentry. Practical, mellow and creative he is a thoughtful and easy going member of the team and we value him highly.


Andrew Nicholls. Company director/Project Manager/Multi Trade

I started working as a labourer in the school and college holidays in the late 1980’s. After going to college and gaining a degree in statistics and operations research, I realised that I needed a trade in order to bring in an income (kids on the way).

After completing a bricklaying course at Brighton College of Technology I worked on many sites both domestic and commercial as a subcontractor, even for a time on the site of the “new” Churchill Centre if you can remember back that far! From this I gained the experience, speed and accuracy necessary to run my own projects and have a closer connection with the job and the clients which led to the birth of AJN Builders Ltd in 2000.

Obviously things have become different and more complex as the business has become bigger, but I still do the thing I love and I have tried to bring my personal beliefs about sustainable living to my profession. The building industry has a long way to go to become truly energy efficient, but it is starting to get there.


Kate Mason. Company Secretary/Admin/Product Research

My background is in admin and man management which comes in handy with a busy business and hectic household. I do all the backroom stuff that allows the lads to get on with what they do best without being over run by paper work. Andy and I have lived in Hove for the last 25 years and built the business up over that time. We share a deeply held respect for the community in which we live and our local environment.