• Kemptown roof job

    Lime built brick construction.

  • Kemptown roof job

    Limited work space for render works.

  • Kemptown roof job

    Breather membrane and battened.

  • Slate pitch and Valley

    Curved eves course.

  • Hatchway

    Lovely Zinc soakers used for timber constructed hatchway.

  • South facing chimneys and roof top view

    Lime rendered chimneys finished with a lime wash.

  • Antique ridge tiles

    A blend of recycled ridged with new.

  • New slate and ridge

    Our first rain shower of the job.

  • North facing view of exit hatch

    Nice ridge line!

Slate roof and lime rendered chimney

Slate roof replacement and chimney render works.

This job involved a front elevation scaffold for access to the main building and a gantry scaffold to access the two chimneys once up there.

Many thanks to John Marlow for his scaffoldings as ever. The render works to the chimneys were carried out first, the gantry removed and the re-roof carried out as the second phase.

The roof was stripped, breather membrane was laid and then battened. The flat roofers came in and re-roofed the valleys with a high performance felt providing a minimum 15 year garantee.  Thanks Steve, to you and your crew, for all your hard work.

The roof was then slated by myself, Mat, Hiro and John. The ridge tiles were pugged on and flashings for the chimneys rendered in. Thanks to Mat, Hiro and John for their help with the project.

A good fun job with lots of sun and sea air. Many thanks to our clients who were understanding and knew what they wanted from the job. Thanks for the work.