Eco Ethics

Our eco ethics

Our area of expertise is the upgrading and extending of properties with a view to minimising carbon emissions both during and after the project has been completed.

This means looking carefully at the products used to ensure they are from sustainable sources. We try to make certain that products are sourced as locally as possible, and specify high levels of insulation, along with windows and doors that have good U-values. This is a very basic overview but gives an insight to our approach to sustainable building.

Although we generally work with our client’s architects, we have worked with, and are able to recommend, a number of specialist architects who are able to give advice on Eco projects. They are able to specify outside conventional architectural guidlines with regards to the alternative type of detailing needed for upgrading existing properties, and have a good knowledge of high-level insulation design. Working in this way ensures these projects can be run smoothly and efficiently. At the core of any successful building project is excellent design in partnership with skilled craftsmen working towards a common goal.

Our working ethos

As well as being builders, we are also ordinary homeowners like you, who have had works done on our homes whilst living there.

With this in mind, we are as considerate and tidy in your home as possible, and will always leave it in as useable state as we can at the end of the working day. Dust blankets and temporary partitions are used where necessary, carpets are covered and taped and all waste and debris is cleared as we progress through the build. This is the chrysalis stage of the transformation, which is sometimes not that pretty, but the end result is consistently beautiful.