• Dormer

    This Loft conversion has a full length dormer on the south facing aspect.

  • Velux Window

    Apart from the dormer, the conversion also has Velux windows on the north side so as to keep in line with planning requirements for all the properties in the road.

  • Eaves Storage

    The battening in this picture shows how a large amount of storage area can be formed under the eaves of the loft. This area is often under used if left open. This clever design makes up for some of the storage that is inevitably lost when converting a lof

  • Bespoke Spiral Staircase

    This made to measure staircase minimises the space taken from the living area below to gain access to the loft conversion.

  • Steels for the full length Dormer

    These Steels provide the structure for the dormer. All the work at this stage is outside the building. Once the breakthrough happens the access to the loft is from the scaffold. This minimises traffic and dust through the house.

Loft conversion

This room in the roof provided a beautifully lit space with maximum light bringing a spacious and airy feel to the upper floor.

The conversion had to be built within the existing pitch roof due to Brighton and Hove planning laws. When this conversion was carried out they did not allow planning for rear dormers onto any property that was divided into two or more flats. This may have changed but at the time gave us a fun and challenging build.

Many thanks to all involved and to Simon and Serena for being ever helpful clients.