• Dormer overhaul

    Thermal upgrade.

  • New Flat roof

    Birds eye view.

  • Cheek restructuring of the dormers

    In need of restoration.

  • Existing insulation within original structure

    New structure to stabilise existing and increase insulation.

  • Flat roof view

    Increasing insulation on flat roof with 100 mm Celotex.

  • Existing rendered face of dormer

    To be hacked of and re-done.

Dormer overhaul

This dormer needed saving before it fell off the roof.

The brief was to improve its insulation specification along with it’s structural integrity and to renew the flat roof and remove the Redland 49 tiles that had wrongly been installed as hung tiles (not recommended for this application by Redland).

We built out the cheeks to improve structural stability and increase the existing 100 mm Rock Wool insulation to 200 mm. The cheeks were then boarded, a Marley Breather Membrane installed, battened and hung tiles fixed using peg tiles (as recommended for this application). The flat roof was then built up to allow an upgrade of 100mm celotex to be installed, then roofed over.

Another good roof job, one of my favourite type of works. Thanks to Hiro, Matt, Nigel the plumber and Steve. Also thanks to John the Scaffolder for getting us up there.


Managing Director.